About We Love Travel Guides and our success – Let us tell you a little about us, how it all began and why we believe we can offer you the very best when it comes to choosing a new career path within the travel industry. Starting from just one successful travel guide website in 2012, We Love Travel Guides has already grown into a network of nearly 20 franchised destinations.

It all started with this one successful travel guide in 2012. The individual who built, developed and run this website quickly established an online travel business, which was both rewarding and lucrative for her. With her entrepreneurial mindset and skills, she knew that her concept and profitable business model could be replicated by other entrepreneurs around the world for other travel destinations. With the help and support from new partners who shared her same vision, many whom had experience of working in the travel industry, the business was expanded into a global brand and We Love Travel Guides website franchise was born.


We Love Travel Guides are a team of travel enthusiasts, travel industry experts, web design and marketing professionals who each have the skills to help make your business a success. As a franchisee you are never working alone on your travel guide website, as we fully support your business needs with our skilled advisors based all around the globe. Running your travel guide website as part of our franchise network gives you so many more advantages compared to just your own single website. We believe that life is simply too short to spend your days stuck behind a desk from 9-5, so we encourage our team, to be independent mobile employees, working from anywhere in the world and during hours which best suit their lifestyle. We believe this makes us quite possibly the happiest, most productive and hard-working team in the world! Now wouldn’t you like to be part of that?


We have available to you, affordable franchise packages which can be tailored to your individual needs. If you are looking for a profitable online travel business to run from anywhere in the world, you’ve come to the right place. We Love Travel Guides welcomed their first franchisee in 2013 and since then have been expanding and going from strength to strength. With our franchise packages, we’re able to give passionate and driven individuals the opportunity to create a comprehensive travel guide for a specific destination they have a genuine love and interest in. Our start-up costs are some of the lowest in the industry, making it a financially viable option from day one for those looking to begin a new career independently. Add to this a dedicated team, who are always available to assist and guide our franchisees along the way, we believe there is no other business that can offer want we can.