There’s lots of Denver City sightseeing tours available and great places to visit so to make things easier for you we have come up with the top 5 places to visit in Denver City. Denver in Colorado is a wonderful place to visit. The Rocky Mountains add the extra flavour. The people of Denver love to be active and place a lot of importance on health and hence the city has one of the best bike sharing programs in the country. Just drive to the airport. Park in the DIA airport parking, get into the airport to Downtown rail and once there you can rent a B-cycle and pedal around the city.

Our Recommended Top 5 Places to Visit in Denver City:

downtown denver

Denver Downtown

Denver Downtown is the place to shop for all your cowboy needs and the first of our top places to visit in Denver City. The Wild West fashion is alive here and you can get your ranch wear at many shops here. The 16th street mall is the place to visit in Downtown Denver. There are many old bookshops which have been in existence for decades and you can browse them if you like books. Lower Downtown or LoDo as the locals call it is the place to go to for some sumptuous food. Here you will find many bars, pubs and restaurants. If you are lucky you can catch some live music that is played at many bars and restaurants almost every night.

denver aqaurium

Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium should be seen to be believed. It houses a lot of aquatic creatures in a total of 1 million gallons of water. There are many exhibits that include fresh water and sea water life. You can even pet a stingray here. Mermaids perform in underwater tanks and you can watch them do some wonderful acrobatics in the water. The best part is the restaurant where you are seated underwater and fish from the tropics swim around you while you eat.

denver botanic gardens

Botanic Gardens

A visit to Denver without visiting the Botanic Gardens is not a visit at all. The Botanic Gardens consist of wonderful flora from around the world. You can view the various climes and the flowers that grow in those climes. There is a children path where children learn about the importance of pollination and how the birds and bees are involved in the process. The tropical conservatory is a must watch.

museums denver city


There are a few museums in Denver where you can enjoy in solitude or with your kids. The Morrison National History Museum is the place to go to and learn about dinosaurs. You can follow that up with a visit to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science where you can enjoy quality time at the planetarium or even watch an IMAX movie or view the Great White Shark in 3D. If you are the art inclined then you should visit the Denver Art Museum where you can view some wonderful artwork and photography.

denver water world

Water World

Last but not least of our top 5 places to visit in Denver City is WaterWorld. If you are visiting Denver with kids and that too in the summer then you should visit Water World. Water World is among the largest water parks in the whole of America and you can enjoy a wide variety of water slides. The slides are for all ages.

Guest post and images by Jack Wood.

What do you think about our top 5 places to visit in Denver City? Have you been to any of the above attractions before? Do you know of other places that visitors should know about? Leave your comments below!


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