The little kingdom of Bhutan is found in Asia. This small kingdom is known more for its government emphasis on gross national happiness rather than economic development. For such a small kingdom it has some great places to visit. Different activities are available in Bhutan such as bird watching, adventure sports, fishing, kayaking and mountain biking.

Trekking is great way to explore the country and learn more about the culture and traditions of the people and for better interaction with the locals thereby enriching your visit. There are several trekking routes in Bhutan according to Kandoo Adventures such as:

1. Druk Path Trek

First of all for tourists who are more in love with nature and enjoy nature trails this route is a great choice. The trek boasts of densely populated forests made up of fir, blue pine and rhododendrons trees, vast stretches of pastureland against a backdrop of deep lush valleys and snowy mountains. The trek is able to connect two valleys Paro and Thimpu and gives a splendid view of the Gangkar Puensum mountain. Trek takes six days.

2. Duer Hot Springs Trek

Nine-day trek is considered a bit difficult and challenging because of the steep ascent and descent along the Duer hot springs.

3. Samtengang Winter Trek

This is one of the less tedious treks in Bhutan. It covers a total of 54km only and starts from Punakha to Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag. The trail passes through Villages like Sha and Chungsakha with a view of the longest bridge in Bhutan.

4. Bumthang Cultural Trek

To understand the culture of the Bhutan people is by attending the Bumthang cultural trek. Most noteworthy this trek gives tourists a great view of ancient Buddhist temples and old monasteries located along the Bumthang countryside. It allows for deep appreciation of the miniature bamboo shrubs and blue pine forests along the trek while allowing mingling with locals and getting to understand their culture.

5. Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Gives tourists a breathtaking view of the Bhutanese Himalayan range as well as the mountain lakes. Also tourists are also able to see different mountains such as Masang Gang, Gangche Ta and Jomolhari. Seems like this trek is considered quite tedious but the view is to die for.

6. Merak Sakteng Trek

This particular trekking route begins at Chaling Damnongchu, Merak, Miksa Teng, Sakteng, and Jyonkhar Teng and ends at Phongmey. Furthermore this trek gives a splendid view of nomadic villages allowing you a firsthand experience of the nomadic life.

7. Jomolhari Trek

A challenging trek that allows the trekker to enjoy a view of the Himalayan mountain while enjoying the marvellous heights and a view of dense pine forests covered with snow. The trek through the valleys can be a bit tiring and make one thirsty, so its advisable to keep yourself hydrated. It’s a nine-day trek that promises to be a highlight for anyone who enjoys nature at its best.

8. Laya Gasa trek

Finally the High-altitude trek passing through the rice paddies and shallow meadows amid traditional farmhouses with a view of snowy Himalayan mountain peaks, valleys and glacier lakes.

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