Caribbean Ports Are Still Affected By Hurricane Irma

Here we look at which Caribbean ports are still affected by Hurricane Irma and Maria. Last year, many of the Caribbean islands were badly hit by both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

The former made landfall in Florida Keys on 10 September while Hurricane Maria landed on 20 September, hitting Puerto Rico.

The latter is the worst natural disaster on record to affect Dominica and Puerto Rico with the death toll still unconfirmed.

With cruise ship routes popular throughout the Caribbean, some islands such as Barbados, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic were only mildly affected.

Cruise Ports Most Affected

Low Bay Beach Port remains partially closed for cruise liners having been hit hard

Anguilla, located in the Eastern Caribbean was hit hard by Hurricane Irma. Ships were not allowed to enter the port until November, with only cargo ships permitted. It has since recovered with cruise lines such as Seaboard Cruise now stopping in Anguilla.

Barbuda’s Low Bay Beach Port remains partially closed for cruise liners having been hit hard. Hurricane Irma resulted in 90 per cent of homes being destroyed with the 1,800 residents badly affected. It is slowly recovering, and Windsor Cruises will call back in later this year in November.

In Cuba many of the cruise ports were affected by flooding and damage in September. Yet the ports including Havana and Santiago de Cuba have reopened with Carnival to increase cruises to the area.

Dominica, while it was badly hit, experiencing 160mph winds, the country has recovered quickly. Cruise ships called at Roseau port as early as January this year with cruise liners such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean expected to resume this summer.

St Maarten was damage from the storms on the south side of the island didn’t prevent the port reopening in December last year. Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Princess Cruises have resumed their services, yet a number of resorts are to reopen later this year.

In St Martin, the north side of the island was severely affected and is still recovering. Hotels and ports are recovering and cruises are yet to fully return.

The Florida Keys in just two weeks after being hit, Royal Caribbean entered the port of Key West. Despite this, the area suffered damage and flooding due to the hurricane but has recovered eight months on with ships calling this summer.

In Guadeloupe Hurricane Irma badly affected the island and ships are only just returning to Pointe-a-Pitre port. Cruise holidays are expected in winter 2018 while Carnival and MSC Cruises will return in early 2019.

The island of Puerto Rico was badly damaged by both Hurricane Irma and Maria. While damage was extensive, the San Juan port reopened last November. Royal Caribbean and Carnival resumed cruises earlier this year, with Carnival’s newest ship calling earlier this month. The island is to welcome a record-breaking 1.7 million passengers, the equivalent to $25 million in revenue.

St Barts suffered extensive damage which destroyed buildings and hotels resulted in delays of months before cruise ships could return. Many hotels and tourist spots are now reopened in St Barths.

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