There’s something so exciting and enthralling when you embark on a year long travel. New countries, cultures and people, food and ways of life – everything makes for a fabulous, never to be forgotten in a lifetime. And if you have the chance to live that life for a full year, then what can come close? Keep a few things in mind while you embark on a year long travel holiday.

First of all when you embark on a year long travel think of where you’ll put your stuff. Think about storage units near Seattle to put your things in for safe keeping. This is a hassle-free, relatively inexpensive option to rest assured while on holiday. Rent a unit, locker or room from any storage facility and park your stuff there for as long as you want. Pay your rental on time and you can have a place for all your important things and documents. This will help secure your house too. Make sure you leave the keys and other details with trusted friends or members of the family, so they can go by and see what’s happening.

Now consider the expenses of the entire trip. One year is a long time. How will you support yourself through it all? Will you get jobs wherever you go or are you lucky enough to be able to afford a trip? Is it possible for you to pick up all your tickets-air, train, bus, tram, ship – during off-season? What kind of activities will you consider and indulge in? Or are you looking for souvenirs and many days of shopping? What kind of accommodation are you looking at? A dormitory, hotel room or tented accommodation? Remember, all these add up in the end. And let’s not forget the minefield that is currency exchange rate! You want to take all this into careful consideration as you plan your expenses.

Documentation is one of the most important things to consider in times like this. Make sure your passport is up to date and has enough time on it to spare. Quite a few countries require the passport to have at least a few months left on it. Apart from these, take a look at your driving license, visas for different countries, boarding passes, credit cards and checks, and tickets. They should all be in order. Carry your prescription for any medical requirements that may arise. And travel insurance is a good thing to consider. Don’t worry about the cost – it is worth it.

This brings us to the next step – vaccinations. Make sure that they are all done and carry your regular medicines as well. It may also be wise to carry additional medicines for any minor ailment that may creep up – flu, stomach issues, also bugs and mosquito repellent.

Think about all the utilities you have at home and make sure to cancel them all – milk, newspaper, cable, etc. Speak to the water and electricity departments and to your bank and see what they can do for you as well while you’re away.

Make sure your animals and pets are looked after while you’re away. Seriously consider getting a trusted house sitter to look after your pets and home whilst you’re away.

Find the right companions and your year long holiday will be a pleasure from start to finish.

Post by Paul Woods.

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