Hitting the road on your next trip? Then don’t leave the house without reading our top 20 safe driving tips.

1. Before beginning a long drive, constantly get enough sleep and consume something prior to you go. Extremely caffeinated drinks are not necessarily the best method to stay awake while driving. While at first you will feel more alert, the effects can decline with time, and your attention might wander although you stay awake.

2. Stop and take breaks every few of hours, even if you do not feel drowsy. Grab a snack, get some fresh air, and stretch your legs by walking. If you have to, take a quick nap.

3. If you can, share the driving obligations with somebody else. This will allow you to watch on each other while driving and also allow you to nap without wasting time. If you’re driving alone, turn on the radio or place on some music, and keep your window cracked open. You may also wish to avoid using your cruise control if you’re driving alone during the night – having to concentrate on maintaining your speed can help you remain awake.

4. If you do have to stop, move your car off the roadway. Never ever park on the shoulder or in the breakdown lane for any factor, except an emergency.

5. Know the laws while driving with a mobile. While it might be legal in one location, it may be illegal in another, and lack of knowledge is not normally an acceptable reason for an offence. Nevertheless, even if it’s legal to talk on a mobile phone where you’re going, it’s generally most safe to use a hands-free device.

6. If you don’t know this one, pity on you. Never consume any alcohol prior to your trip. While you may not become intoxicated from one beer, you will become sleepy.

7. Keep an eye on the weather, and if you can, prepare a route around severe weather. A minor detour might actually end up conserving you major time.

8. Search the web for traffic update sites and pay attention to radio traffic signals, specifically when approaching significant cities.

9. Not even a GPS unit is infallible, so we advise bringing a topographic map or roadway atlas as a backup just in case. A mapping app on your smart device is another essential for long trip.

10. If you are driving a rental vehicle, acquaint yourself with the vehicle and all of its devices (horn, brakes, lights, etc).

11. Lock all your prized possessions in the boot or glove compartment and stow all baggage at of sight.

12. Familiarise yourself with regional traffic laws, which vary – particularly overseas. Is it legal to make a turn at a traffic signal? Exactly what are the guidelines on yielding to pedestrians – that type of thing?

13. Prior to driving on a long journey, make certain your car is in prime condition – that its tyres are correctly pumped up, all fluids are at their appropriate levels and you have a full tank of fuel.

14. Consider joining a motor vehicle breakdown service. You will not regret it when your car breaks down on a lonely back road.

15. Keep expenses down by saving fuel as you drive. Minimise sudden starts and stops, empty your vehicle of all unnecessary weight and slow down – it takes much less fuel to drive 55 miles an hour than it does to drive 70.

16. Don’t wait until your fuel gauge is sitting on empty to refuel. On an unfamiliar roadway, you never know when the next fuel station will appear. As soon as you hit a quarter of a tank, begin trying to find a place to fill up.

17. When travelling with kids, make certain to stop frequently – not just for treats and toilet breaks, but also for fun. See a cool playground along the way?

18. Feeling hungry? Stock up on treats and beverages at a supermarket rather than fuel stations – you’ll get a wider and healthier selection, in addition to better prices.

19. On longer trips, keep napkins and wet wipes convenient for meals on the go. You’ll also want some spare cash for tolls – in addition to a first-aid kit, flashlight, pillow and blanket. Keep a set of jump leads, a spare tyre and additional fluids for the car (such as windshield wiper fluid) in your boot.

20. This last tip needs to go without saying, but it’s important enough that we’ll say it anyway: Make certain everyone in the car buckles his or her seat belt. Not only will it keep you safe, but in lots of locations it’s also the law.

Top 20 Safe Driving Tips by We Love Travel Guides and featured image courtesy of Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

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